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Battlefield Big Game 2021

Battlefield Big Game 2021

  • size: 92.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v3.0
  • type Shooting flight
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-12 16:52:52


Battlefield Hunt is an alternative battle royale game, where players will be constantly scavenging resources, with many different weapons can be used, you meet everyone is the enemy, you need to constantly destroy them, plunder their equipment, the game players can also carry different skills, greatly improving the playability of the game.

Battlefield Hunt game highlights.

1, determine the location of the enemy, get along with the appropriate tactical strategy, to destroy them and occupy a favorable location.

2、There are many kinds of weapons, which can cause different damage respectively, and there are also differences in the performance of recoil.

3, bring enough medical supplies, once the loss of blood can help you quickly recover to a healthy state.

Battlefield Hunt Game Description.

1, in the game players can choose their own clothing, a variety of fashion arbitrary with a variety of weapons, so that players can be in the game inside the big show.

2, simple and straightforward, quick start, all have a very simple operation, where players can match their own weapons, to see my colorful AK

3, great luck, tonight you are the most beautiful boy in the field, happy joy convergence wilderness, destroy all the enemies to obtain the final victory.

Battlefield Hunt game description.

Players can search for various materials here, players also need to jump down from the plane, choose their own favorite place to search for various materials.

Players need to kill all the enemies in the game, so that the player is the ultimate winner.

The game has a variety of supplies and weapons, players need to search for themselves to find the best weapons.

Battlefield Big Hunt Editorial Review.

This game is very satisfying to play, and there is a lot of fun content to experience. Players who are tired of playing traditional battle royale games like Elite Peace may want to try this game! It can still bring a lot of fun experience to the players!


  • Battlefield Big Game 2021
  • Battlefield Big Game 2021
  • Battlefield Big Game 2021