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King's Thunderbolt

King's Thunderbolt

  • size: 61.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type Shooting flight
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-14 16:05:49


King Raiden is a very fun flight shooting game, play a bit like the classic game Raiden, but in the game added a new level, there are many different fighters and ammunition, to bring players the most exciting and exciting flight shooting war, this game can also be played in the network, oh, interested in downloading experience.

King Raider hand game introduction

Hundreds of levels, play enough at once, dozens of skills, reasonable cast shot through the whole field

You can transform into a robot and fight the ultimate boss, with cool sound effects and gorgeous special effects.

Hot game screen, cool war machine shape. The game sound effects, into the real space war

Tight game rhythm, every battle is smooth and exciting

King Raider Handicap Features

Easy to use, a finger of micromanagement; strategy is rich, joy in the exercise of brain cells.

Gorgeous warplanes, the ultimate cool pop-ups, unprecedented audio-visual feast, like a dream come true.

Dozens of equipment, more than a hundred kinds of skills, thousands of matching, DIY your exclusive fighter.

Equipment assembly play, transformed into a thunder god of war, control the robot fierce battle in space.

King Raider Handicap Gameplay

The pet upgrade, advancement and star-raising are old, but there is a fast upgrade, fast advancement and fast star-raising inside the pet. The so-called fast, is by consuming a large number of diamonds to get the pet's rapid strengthening. A large number of diamonds is how much it ---- ranging from 100 diamonds to 10000 diamonds. And can only rise 1 level, 1 small star and 1 equal rank oh! If you accidentally click on the fast reinforcement (upgrade, star and advancement), do not smash the phone Oh!

Pet decomposition means: crushing the pet pieces into dust, decomposition is equivalent to a crusher, turning the pet pieces into more crushed dust.

Pet recycling means: the pet reset to 1 level 1 star, and will get the corresponding recycling rewards, you can see the chart ha. This is actually the same as splitting the God of War, but recycling pets does not consume any diamonds or gold oh!

King Raider Handicap Highlights

Interstellar voyage, conquer the twelve constellations; endless challenges, forever in the history of the galaxy.

Plot ups and downs, unexpected reversals. Invite friends & gather masters, team mode endless bosses waiting for you to fight

BOSS mode, event levels, a wealth of level types, there are always challenges that you can not stop.

Driver reloading, twelve zodiac signs ace personalized driver, always belong to your one.

King Raider Handicap Advantage

Friends ranking, stamina gift, friends to help the battle, and a lot of fun to play together with friends.

World battle, match opponents of similar strength, compete and win the glory of the winner.

Limited time relay breakthrough, a new match challenge. Work together, set up a thunder team, improve the team technology, and share the success.

Attribute restraint play, the match strategy of the field is upgraded again. Festival BOSS waiting for you to explore, rich rewards waiting for you to get.

King Raider Editorial Revie

King Raiden this game really makes me think of the previous memory of having the perfect store in the arcade store, now on the phone you can find the joy of once, the game as a whole to play or very good, and the picture than the year of Raiden to clear too much, here is also very recommended to experience.


  • King's Thunderbolt
  • King's Thunderbolt
  • King's Thunderbolt