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Pixel shooter international service for Android

Pixel shooter international service for Android

  • size: 182.61M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v10.2.0
  • type Shooting flight
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-16 09:12:23


Pixel Shooter International Edition for Android is a very fun pixel world simulation shooting game. The version of this game is the international version, the new version 10.2.0, so you can experience the shooting and survival building play in the pixel world.


Pixel Shooter International Service Introduction

The international service allows you to play exciting shooting with players from all over the world.

You can play easily without any kind of assistance, and it is more convenient to support Chinese.

A variety of exquisite weapons, choose one you like and start shooting.


c★ Global networking, online real-time multi-player battle

Choose from multiple matchmaking servers around the world, and support up to 16 players in a single room.

You can play with your friends online and have more fun.

★ PVP Multiple game modes, the winner is the king

Point fight mode, team competition mode, individual competition mode, peace mode, ghost mode, hide and seek mode, and battle royale chicken mode ......

Rich game modes, different game experience, destroy enemies and become an ace player!

Participate in seasonal ranking matches and win the global first place!

★ PVE Story Mode-Jailbreak Escape, Biochemical Challenge Mode-War Against Zombies

Story Mode: A classic mini handheld game with prison as the theme, combining island survival, desert survival and jungle adventure, waiting for you to challenge!

Biochemical challenge mode: single player survival, multiplayer collaborative survival, guard all zombie attacks, complete the challenge and get a generous prop reward!

★ Sandbox creation, my game I make the decision

Custom maps, weapons, armor, skins, and even gameplay can be created by you whenever you want!

Weapon sparks, bullet holes, and gun body effects can be matched at will, and weapon attributes can be freely assigned!

In the creative workshop, millions of player-made props are waiting for you to download!

Use your imagination to create unlimited possibilities and build a whimsical world with cubes!


Pixel shooting gameplay strategy

Novice - submachine gun configuration
In the game there are many kinds of weapons [nonsense] Among the main weapons as long as there are two --- submachine guns and rifles They are both automatic firearms [nonsense × 2] but the characteristics are very different Next on the editorial [imitation marketing number] take you to understand the configuration of submachine guns it

① absolute technical flow - a gun with technology a

The ten guns without technology a this submachine gun specializes in head injury, the use of submachine guns to produce seven times the damage characteristics of the head, 27 damage is just good upgrade is recommended to add only bullets and speed of movement

② comprehensive performance stream - comprehensive performance is good, long-range melee can be upgraded to S7 level plus a S company can do most of the two guns a recommended upgrade only add damage

③ long-range stream - strong long-range performance, high precision
Not add range because that thing has P with, add it is better to add attack power upgrade to S7 plus two remote can do two shots a [most] [except for very long distance]

④ Absolute second damage stream - melee damage is extremely high

The very high speed of fire plus the very high attack power, plus a A even can two shots [the same old S7] Of course, the disadvantage is less bullets, hitting the wrong side of the no.

Pixel shooter player reviews

Pixel shooting allows us to experience a variety of shooting game experience in the pixel world, this game not only allows you to shoot wildly in the pixel world, but also to show their shooting strength, the pixel world can not limit you.


  • Pixel shooter international service for Android
  • Pixel shooter international service for Android