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boring classroom

boring classroom

  • size: 45.94M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type Puzzle solving
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-28 12:25:49


Boring Classroom is a very fun game that simulates a college classroom. This game allows you to simulate various life tasks in the college classroom, such as being a student, you need to learn to clean the classroom and so on. All kinds of work can be experienced, very leisure and fun.

Introduction to the official version of the boring classroom
The official version allows you to experience the official content, and the complete storyline can be experienced.

The gameplay of various systems has also been perfected, which will not make you feel the BUG of this game.

The stories are constantly being updated, so go and explore your campus life.

Boring Classroom Game Features
Look for clues - prop puzzles are intertwined.

Cute style - the item scenes are witty and interesting.

Easter egg collection - cute animals are everywhere.

Introduction to boring classroom gameplay
Find suspicious places in the scene and tap to find props.

Click the item to use it.

Keep exploring the scene to solve the puzzle.

boring classroom story background
The teacher's class is so boring! !

My classmates can't stand it either! !

I want to go out and play, but the door to the classroom is locked

It seems that if you want to regain your freedom, you have to find a way to get the key.

The key is hidden somewhere in this classroom

do you have a way to find it

How to play boring classroom
First, number the main classroom to distinguish it

1. Record the sequence of the yellow triangles on the blackboard at the rear of the 4-interface, which is used for the second in the first row of the three-interface cabinet.

2. Open the cabinet to get a basketball, click the basket on the 3 interface to use the basketball, and the door to the roof will open.

3. Click on the stool with a hat on the 2 interface, click the hat again, and get a paper cutter. Record the size of the circle on the yellow board next to it.

Click the glass door of the TV cabinet in the 4 interface, click the circle to make the pattern consistent, and get the score.

Look at the circle on the foot of the chair next to the TV cabinet and record it, for the first cabinet in the second row of the 3 interface, open the cabinet to get the pencil sharpener.

4. Click on the carton on the cabinet on the 3 interface, use the cutter to get the ink, click on the table with white paper on the 3 interface, and click on the inkstone to use the ink.

Click on the piano on the 3 interface to use the score (it will take a while to see the next password after the score is used).

5. Click on the triangle cabinet with cat on the 1 interface, check the number and record (21534)

Click the cabinet on the 2 interface to enter the number to get the broom. And look at the cabinet door, record the order of rags.

Click the first cabinet in the first row of the 3 interface, adjust the order of the white blocks according to the order of the rags, and get the key.

boring classroom review
Boring Classroom is a very fun casual life game. This game also allows you to solve all kinds of mysteries. You can feel the casual entertainment game when you come to live here.


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