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Mr. Hopps Playhouse

Mr. Hopps Playhouse

  • size: 18.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.4.0
  • type Puzzle solving
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-28 14:46:15


Mr. Hopps Playhouse, the game itself has been Chinese) is a very fun pixel style adventure game, players will encounter a lot of strange things in this space, here you need to operate a little girl to take an adventure here, and mystery The questions are super diverse, and it also tests the brain power of players. Players who like this kind of game come to download and experience this game!


Mr. Rabbit's Dollhouse gameplay
1. Although the characters here are all made of pixels, they are full of cartoon fun and fantasy adventures, making it more interesting for you to play;

2. Here you will dress up as a little girl in pink pajamas and start your adventure in the room;

3. Although the places you see are very limited and everything else is dark, you look for constant adventure through limited perspectives.

Mr. Rabbit's Dollhouse Game Highlights
1. Explore the adventure of the dark area, the unique and exciting adventure is waiting for you to join, feel the super thrilling survival battle.

2. The world is full of dangers of all kinds. Escape this scary realm and enjoy a thousand speed puzzle adventure.

3. Real level setting, shuttle in the adventure field, enjoy the challenge, don't get caught by the witch.

Mr. Rabbit's Dollhouse Game Features
1. Challenge puzzles of different difficulty, click on free puzzles to explore various places and find clues.

2. The set of exquisite cartoon scenes is super delicate, and it is a puzzle game that challenges all kinds of intellectual limits.

3. Time-limited puzzles give you greater challenges, every second is particularly valuable, and you can solve puzzles flexibly.

Mr. Rabbit's Dollhouse Editor Review
Mr. Rabbit's Dollhouse is a little fun at first, but it is very innovative when you play it carefully, which is very good. I personally recommend players who like adventure games to experience it. Come on Download it now!


  • Mr. Hopps Playhouse
  • Mr. Hopps Playhouse