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Simulated Story Spirited Away

Simulated Story Spirited Away

  • size: 163.09M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v2.4.1
  • type Puzzle solving
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-28 11:36:12


Simulated story Spirited Away is a very fun mobile simulation adventure game. In this game, you can see the simple style experience of Hayao Miyazaki's anime, the exploration in various stories, and the adventure of Spirited Away. The story, waiting for you to choose and experience it yourself, come download and experience it.


Introduction to Simulated Story Spirited Away

This game can simulate various stories to explore.

The plot is very rich, and you can choose a variety of different stories.

Want to experience the world of Hayao Miyazaki's anime? Then download it.


Simulated Story Spirited Away Game Features

The game simulates the stories and series of anime that are loved by young and old alike and left a deep impression on them.

Now the trees and weeds are growing again, the fish are filling the sea, and the earth has been resurrected and refilled with life.

A fantasy-style adventure legend, a new story is coming, ready to set off to open your eyes, waiting for the call of life.

Complete various competitive tests, activate your hero skills, and defeat various monsters, we will reveal the secrets here.


Introduction to Simulated Story Spirited Away

1. You can use a variety of unique weapons, a lot of maps and scenes are coming, and all kinds of magical magic are coming, all of which are terrible witchcraft that blocks you.

2. With a wonderful challenge mode, you can freely open an endless adventure. You have to protect the safety of Chihiro. You can understand the hidden easter eggs in the anime.

3. Help Qianxun to find the way home, and the faceless man will accompany you to explore, get key clues and props, and give you hope and future.

Simulated Story Spirited Away Reviews

Spirited Away Simulated Story This game gives us an opportunity to explore the story of Hayao Miyazaki's anime in person. Here you can meet the classic characters in Hayao Miyazaki's anime, and the style of painting is similar to that in the anime, so experience Feeling very good.


  • Simulated Story Spirited Away
  • Simulated Story Spirited Away