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Bunny Bakery Latest Version

Bunny Bakery Latest Version

  • size: 21.53M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0
  • type Puzzle solving
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-11 14:14:22


Bunny Bakery latest version is a fun casual decompression game, a variety of games of joy are available, where the freedom to cut fruits and vegetables, as long as you want you can continue to cut, very interesting and fun, a variety of joy are available, exciting, rich types of levels, each knife down is a surprise, fresh graphics, come to play together.

Bunny Bakery game description

Bunny Bakery is a casual decompression game specially prepared for players to feel the joy of easy games, very interesting gameplay waiting for you, fun, and the operation is also very simple, every kind of fruit here you can cut, as long as you want.

Bunny Bakery Latest Version Highlights

1, the variety of fruit is have to say is very rich, see the realistic fruit will be some want to eat the urge.

2, very clear picture with realistic fruit, successfully cut off the fruit in the end of the game can be viewed.

3, as long as the completion of the task will be able to get rewards and props, rabbit bakery as long as you click the screen knife will directly cut the fruit.

Advantages of the latest version of Bunny Bakery

1、Bunny bakery is a kind of game to relieve stress by cutting off the fruit which has a very cool feeling.

2、To relieve the working people and stress, please experience the elimination of magic stress and relaxation.

3, please let me experience a pleasant cut fruit, the game itself is not complicated, can be cut like crazy.

Bunny Bakery Latest Version Review

Bunny Bakery latest version of the game is very much joy, full of super fun, there are many interesting ways to play waiting for you to experience, a variety of game joy are available, the level type is rich, different fruits waiting for you to chop and cut, enjoy the super cool battle joy, very interesting game experience.


  • Bunny Bakery Latest Version
  • Bunny Bakery Latest Version
  • Bunny Bakery Latest Version
  • Bunny Bakery Latest Version