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horror survival 2

horror survival 2

  • size: 312.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.014
  • type Puzzle solving
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-11 15:57:55


Horror survival 2 is a very interesting puzzle solving escape game. In this game, players need to constantly avoid the attacks of monsters, and find ways to solve those barriers that hinder players. The game atmosphere is well shaped, which can give players a very good game experience. If you are interested, please download and experience it!


Introduction to horror survival 2

1. The game environment is lifelike, and all kinds of horror haunted houses and anti violence games need to solve all kinds of paranormal phenomena.

2. Always keep calm and don't scream too high, which will lead to danger.

3. Rich obstacles can help players stop the pace of killers, and rich hiding places make the game more exciting.

Horror survival 2 highlights

1. Complete the mystery of haunted house. For a strange adventure, courage and caution are your advantages.

2. Dangerous secrets await you to explore, carefully observe the surrounding environment and discover the truth.

3. The new game mode brings more fun, and a large number of game processes bring new game experiences to enjoy new game adventures.

Horror survival 2 features

1. The real scene, dark layout and sudden ghosts will bring you a more dangerous experience.

2. Exciting adventures bring different ways of playing games. Players can open the door with different clues on their mobile phones.

Horror survival 2 advantages

The new version comes with simplified Chinese, which allows players to play without language barriers.

The translation of the game is very good. There are Chinese subtitles for the words in some game scenes or props.

Xiaobian personally feels that many places are a little out of line with the Chinese context, but there are a few cases that do not affect the game experience.

A brief comment on horror survival 2

Code 752 horror survival 2 this game is very suitable for Xiaobian's appetite. The plot of the game is very good, and logic reasoning is very important in the process of reasoning. Many puzzle solving games need to be completed continuously to promote the game. Players who like adventure puzzle solving Games must not miss it.


  • horror survival 2
  • horror survival 2