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Darkness strikes Chinese version

Darkness strikes Chinese version

  • size: 81.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v0.4.10
  • type Puzzle solving
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-11 17:17:37


Dark attack is a very interesting dungeon adventure game with roguelike theme. The content of this game is very diverse, with mazes, exploration, construction, mining and other interesting content. It is hard to imagine that this game has brought so much content with such a small volume. Come and experience it if you are interested!

Dark attack features

1. With a large number of puzzle elements, players can explore and adventure freely, find different clues and pay attention to various details;

2. No more subtle clues can be released. Interrelated clues will immerse you and will certainly leave clues.

3. Be good at observation. Sharp observation will help you better complete the challenge, and you need to experience more danger levels.

Dark light

With simple click / drag operations, you can play and experience the game freely without feeling pressure. Examine clues and analyze evidence. If you have any questions, you can use a variety of technologies to successfully pass the exam, and provide more than 150 jigsaw puzzles.

Vertical screen pixel style, easy to operate. Players only need to move their fingers to operate the character movement, which can kill monsters, and interspersed with puzzle games to liberate their hands. Players can find different puzzles by making puzzles. Clues, pay attention to various details. Players can upgrade their equipment by using the gold coins obtained from fighting with monsters, so as to improve their combat effectiveness.

Dark attack advantage

1. The digging system digs and collects various treasures in the randomly generated map;

2. Dungeons and caves, including exploration, collection, mining, forging and other classic roguelike game elements;

3. The role upgrade system can make your role grow by allocating points;

4. Rich scene props bring rich game fun;

5. Synthesis system, collect the resources provided in the game to synthesize or build items that are helpful to you.

Dark attack Xiaobian comments

This game can bring many different interesting experiences to players. Players can easily complete many challenges here. What Xiaobian is most satisfied with is the boss game playing method in the game, which can bring many different interesting experiences to everyone. It is still very satisfactory!


  • Darkness strikes Chinese version
  • Darkness strikes Chinese version
  • Darkness strikes Chinese version