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idiom polite

idiom polite

  • size: 41.38M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v2.0.0
  • type Puzzle solving
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-12 09:50:18


Idiom You Li is a brand-new casual game of idioms, you can easily pass through levels to earn money and get red envelopes, collect rewards to experience a simple level of play, with a lot of puzzle content, easy money and benefits, collect props to complete all level challenges, refresh level records, and unlock new gameplay , start your brainstorming, the new world is decompressed and interesting.

Idioms polite game features:

1. There are many modes that allow you to compete, and the level of difficulty will gradually increase;

2. There are various props for you to choose and show your skills to your heart's content;

3. Brand new fun crossword game, simple operation, test your idiom knowledge reserve.

Idioms polite game highlights:

1. From a small scholar, promote him to the pinnacle of life.

2. Massive levels are waiting for you to continue to challenge, full of novel gameplay content modes.

3. The game adopts a simple design style and continues the classic idiom guessing mode.

Idioms polite game play:

1. Experience unique game levels, feel familiar idioms, and start filling in the blanks carefully;

2. The fresh and simple style design is quite delicate, just log in and start your mission and complete the task.

3. The rich and varied level setting allows you to increase your speaking temperament and learn more knowledge;

4. You can also master the interpretation of idioms and enrich your vision. These are all very well-designed designs.

Idiom polite advantages:

1. Newcomers log in and receive a huge red envelope! 1 yuan second cash withdrawal.

2. Guess the idiom and you can make money, guess one right and you can make money, and 1 yuan can be withdrawn.

3. This app is amazing! You can earn money by playing games and withdraw cash at any time.

4. The brand-new idiom game starts your journey of idiom breakthrough.

Idiom polite game evaluation:

Idiom courteous is a very simple casual puzzle game, you can easily make money, complete all challenges with fun, solve puzzles and adventures, experience all kinds of brain power play, puzzle adventure, get benefits from casual challenges, and experience all kinds of exciting The content of the level is unique, the overall style is unique, and the operation is very simple, start a new adventure, free to solve puzzles and explore together to make money and guess idioms.


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