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loop hero Chinese mobile version

loop hero Chinese mobile version

  • size: 165.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type Puzzle solving
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-12 14:34:31


loop hero is a very fun dungeon adventure game. Players will start an exciting adventure in this endless dungeon, and constantly fight to improve their strength. The game incorporates many classic elements of dragon and dungeon, the plot It is also remarkable in terms of what it has done. Players who like games with this theme must come and experience it!

loop hero中文手机版

loop hero highlights
1. Players can only perform one action per round, whether it is equipment or disarming traps, etc., they can only do one thing per round, which implements the concept of the game.

2. Players can only have three cards in their hands, and use one of them in each round. If a player kills a monster or opens a treasure chest to obtain a new card, the player needs to choose a card. In short, there can only be three cards at most in the hand. The excess must be discarded.

3. When the player dies in the game, the player's body will remain in place in the form of a tombstone. After the player is resurrected, the next time they reach the same place, they can get all the equipment and gold coins that were dropped when they died last time.

4. If the player dies again before reaching the character's last death location, when a new tombstone is erected, the props and gold coins on the initial tombstone will disappear.

loop hero features
1. The randomly generated world means that the game content will not be repeated. Will you find fertile mountains to mine munitions? Will a well-fed forest make your empire grow by leaps and bounds?

2. The game has a unique card mechanism similar to card games such as "Emperor and Hegemony", "Disc Fighting" and "Assassination God". As the game progresses, your deck keeps growing: useful action cards, powerful magic cards, and useless conflict cards. Managing your deck is an important way to stay strong!

3. Many interesting tactical cards with beautiful graphics in the game were completed by concept artist Gilles Ketting.

4. The game has a unique grid-based tactical combat system. Use the action cards and magic cards in your hand to gain the upper hand and destroy the hostile forces!

5. Different from the traditional 4X elements (exploration, expansion, development, destruction) strategy games that take a long time and the late game process is slow and boring, this is a fast-paced game that pays attention to melee combat.

6. Additional game content, balance patches, additional game modes, and other support are already within our future development plans

Description of loop hero
ENDLESS ADVENTURE: Before embarking on each randomly generated cycle, draw the perfect combination from unlocked characters, classes and cards! Each adventure is vastly different from the previous one!

Far-reaching Strategies: Strategically place buildings, terrain, and enemy cards for each expedition to create unique hard and dangerous paths. Players need to balance between different cards, find precious loot after struggling to survive, and bring them back to the survivor camp.

Fight monsters and level up: Players can defeat terrifying monsters, collecting powerful loot and unlocking new skills along the way.

Expansion of the camp: Convert the hard-earned production materials into the upgrade of the camp, and you can get precious support every time you complete a circular journey.

Save the Lost World: Players must defeat the evil guard bosses in a grand epic adventure, save the world from fire and water, and finally break the Lich's time loop!

loop hero strategy
How does LoopHero recall the maze?

Remembrance Labyrinth is one of the most useful cards in the game. If you use it well, we can shorten the process of fighting bosses. Here, I will briefly introduce the function of this card.

Remembrance maze is to quickly occupy a large number of grids, shorten the cycle of playing bosses, and the bosses with low loops are very weak.

Bring reminiscence labyrinths, woods, suburbs and anything that can go wrong

The Gorefiend Forest is placed next to the bonfire, and if there is a chance, it will be demolished into the Hungry Forest

Except for the ruins, don't put them next to the bonfire, and you can put the rest at will. First, you can occupy the position where the lich brushes the palace;

If the reminiscence labyrinth is empty, it may be a round faster. Putting it in the middle will add less progress than putting it on the outside.

Clearly distinguish the purpose. If you want to brush materials, brush materials. If you pass the boss, you can quickly pass the boss. The low-level level gives less rewards, and it is not a waste of time to brush more.

Playing Omega taught me a lesson, you have to grow fast, and you will die if you greedy the number of rounds. A 2500+ armor is banned and instantly killed. After that, I no longer ink, and the difficulty is greatly reduced.

Loop hero editor evaluation
The game loop hero has strong American RPG elements, and the overall experience is very good. Although the picture is a little worse, the flaws are not concealed. The game is still fun enough, but I feel that this game would be better if it could be online.


  • loop hero Chinese mobile version
  • loop hero Chinese mobile version