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NetEase Cloud Games

NetEase Cloud Games

  • size: 20.75M
  • platform: Android 4.4 above
  • Version: v2.3.0.0
  • type Game tools
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2021-03-26 09:05:04


NetEase Cloud Game is a very practical and convenient cloud game platform. This cloud game allows you to play the latest game Devil May Cry Peak Battle. You can play the game directly by downloading the platform with 20M clicks, without downloading the resources of the game itself. If you want to experience cloud gaming, come and download it.

NetEase Cloud Games

Introduction to NetEase Cloud Games
A platform that allows you to play various games online.

Not only mobile games, but also allows you to play terminal games on mobile phones.

You can play by clicking on it, no configuration, no memory, and a network.

NetEase Cloud Gaming Advantages
1. No local installation: All operations are done in the cloud, without consuming device storage space

2. Multi-platform support: It can be played on multiple terminals, and currently supports three platforms: mobile terminal (Android + iOS), computer and TV

3. Resource saving: Unique optimization technology and server resources ensure high-quality cloud operation effect, and equipment saves power and does not heat up

There are many more surprises to experience in the game.

If you encounter problems during use, you can tell us through [Problem Feedback], and we will try our best to solve them!

NetEase Cloud Games

Devil May Cry Peak Battle Novice Guide
Does the first paragraph make sense?

I think the combo is a god skill to prevent the blood from being rubbed by the mobs. When you are in the air combo with a 2-stage jump, the monsters on the ground cannot output to the player. Of course, when you beat the boss, you can honestly attack with the big sword. Bar.

continuous teaching

First equip the Great Sword and Dual Guns

At the start, you can dodge a monster and hit a monster into the corner

The first part: aabb: It is not about knocking back the monster vertically, it can be replaced by abbb, just to provide ideas

The second part: (in the case of knock-up) long press b (cannot be replaced) to jump (at this time, it has reached the double jump position and cannot be replaced)

The third part: aaa gun aaa gun aaa gun b down and end the combo (the fourth flat in the air will repel the monster, interspersed with double guns to cancel, only provide ideas, have not actually experienced other moves, the second stage can do anything in the air A move that does not knock back, it ends with a slash after falling)

Note: After the bb in the second part, you can let him fall a little in a jump position, and then jump up to reach the limit of three consecutive aaa guns.

NetEase Cloud Games

NetEase Cloud Game Reviews

NetEase Cloud Games has a lot of popular games, not only mobile games, but also various end-to-end stand-alone games. You can easily play games online without downloading game resources. One platform solves all problems.


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