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Fighting immortal devil geocache legend

Fighting immortal devil geocache legend

  • size: 418.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type Action fighting
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-11 15:31:11


Fighting immortal magic geocache legend is a very fun action fighting simulation game experience, in this game, we can choose geocache to start the game, very exciting geocache fighting let you believe that the opening to choose geocache is right, the sense of blow is very strong.


Introduction to the legend of Di Zao, the immortal warrior

This game is very exciting, the world of action fighting to give you more experience.

The metaphysical world also allows you to make various transfers, and it is up to you to decide whether to become a god or a demon.

There are a lot of benefits on the line, so if you want more benefits, download it now.

Battle fairy magic geocache legend gameplay features

Each trial battle is very bloodthirsty, the impact of the picture is super strong it.

Get to know the players who share the same challenge and create a glorious world that belongs to you.

Search for high-grade weapons and equipment, so that your own fighting ability becomes more and more strong up.

The metaphysical and exquisite immortal scene is created with an innovative plot to immerse yourself in.

All free PK system, experience the thrill of killing, to stop the war, sweeping the West.

The peak arena, the world's first competition, enjoy PK fun anytime, anywhere.

Battle fairy magic geocache legend newbie strategy

1. just entered the game players certainly do not know what to do, this time we can act according to the main task, the early want to quickly upgrade the main task is very important, the main task generally have a large amount of experience rewards, so that new players can quickly upgrade in the early stage.

2. Brush the main task not only can quickly upgrade can also allow players to do the task at the same time to understand the gameplay and story background, two birds with one stone! And the game's main line tasks can also automatically find the way to automatically fight and automatically receive rewards, saving players a lot of time so that brush the task is not tedious, you can easily hang on to get a lot of rewards.

3. When the main task is stuck off when the role of the branch task is reflected, the branch task we can also pick up on the pick up, each task has a large number of rewards. The former players upgrade is to rely on the task rewards.

4. We can team up with other players when brushing monsters, team brushing monsters will have experience bonus, the more people the more bonus, and the monsters are infinite brush, so you can recruit more people to team up when brushing monsters.

5. The monsters you encounter in the early stages are generally relatively simple and very easy to kill, but the later the monster level is higher and more difficult to deal with, this time if you stand jerking monsters everyone's chances of winning are relatively small, you can be flexible positioning to kill monsters, or if you have to enhance props, you can also click to become stronger and then enhance our combat power.

Fighting immortal magic geocache legend hand game description

The game has not yet been released, so if you like the geocache element, you can click to reserve it first.

Battle fairy magic geocache legend player reviews

Fighting immortal magic geocache legend let us into this world, our every fight is very exciting. Action fighting combat sense is very exciting, feel the experience of fighting world.



  • Fighting immortal devil geocache legend
  • Fighting immortal devil geocache legend
  • Fighting immortal devil geocache legend