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Shadow Hero Warrior Free Edition

Shadow Hero Warrior Free Edition

  • size: 38.92M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v3.5
  • type Action fighting
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-13 10:36:21


Shadow Hero Warrior free version is a very fun horizontal action fighting game, super cool levels waiting for you to challenge, a variety of moves skills, heroes to save the world, a variety of operations is also very challenging, resist the attack of each monster, super breakthrough mode waiting for you, rely on their skills to infinite battle it, come download and play with me.


Shadow Hero Warrior free version of the game advantage

1、Break into the challenge to capture countless treasures, the use of dark cover to complete the battle, even the boss can be directly killed in seconds.

2, the zombie attack is very scary, the most worried about the virus attack, to complete an amazing adventure of the battle.

3, ninja master directly kill the enemy, to explore the various maps ahead, fighting skills directly kill all the monsters in seconds.

Shadow Hero Warrior free version highlights

1, multiple roles can be freely chosen, each role has its own characteristics, more weapons, equipment can attack zombie monsters.

2, rich level challenge full of crisis, through the operation of jumping easily smashed, got the super weapons and resources.

3, the dark power of the shadow to escape and control all the shadow warriors, to explore the map of the wilderness, to play their ultimate power.

Shadow Hero Warrior Free Edition Fun

1, you have learned to control the shadow power and become a resistance to the terror of the shadow warriors.

2, enjoy the full blood of the competitive process between the darkness of zombies, monsters fighting for the fight.

3, a variety of modes to choose freely, get more rich gold rewards, operating skills constantly beyond the limit.

Shadow Hero Warrior free version after playing comments

Shadow Hero Warrior is very cool to play, a variety of joy are available, interesting game challenge, feel a different kind of happiness, the game has a very cool skin, you can slowly unlock to wear more cool fashion, to build the strongest you, successfully get more powerful equipment, to defeat all the enemies, easy to play this game.


  • Shadow Hero Warrior Free Edition
  • Shadow Hero Warrior Free Edition
  • Shadow Hero Warrior Free Edition