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The Legend of the Hidden Sword

The Legend of the Hidden Sword

  • size: 116.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type Action fighting
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-14 12:34:26


The game is a steam game ported mobile game, players will be here to feel and end game almost high-definition picture quality, choose their favorite role in here to start an exciting adventure experience, there are many interesting competitive battle, and you have played other hand games completely different, this game will soon be available, like to come to the reservation.


Hidden Sword Legend game description

1. Here you can enjoy the smooth action performance and excellent game style, where you can experience the fun game play.

2. cool fashion weapons, hundreds of options, not only can bring a gorgeous appearance also has a very strong strength.

3. Cross-services duel, feel the charm of the game of a hundred people on the same screen competition.

The hidden sword biography hand game content

1. Go to the bloodthirsty and exciting battlefield of gods and demons, where endless killing is carried out and more and more powerful enemies are fought.

2, to the oriental fantasy as the theme of the immortal journey, where a variety of beautiful scenery and gorgeous graphic scenery is very exquisite.

3、Travel to the metaphysical world of cultivation, where you can prove your existence only if you have great strength.

The hidden world sword biography hand game gameplay
Battle form

The hidden divine sword biography adopts the real-time combat system, containing the imperial sword, immortal magic, magic treasure, sword art many forms of attack

Confidence system

The "confidence" system is added to the Hidden Sword Legend, which requires players to feel and master the battle rhythm and battle skills to increase their "confidence" in order to help them win in battle with weakness.

Cultivation System

The game's moves and spells can achieve different enhancement effects through cultivation, players can adjust their own cultivation program to deal with different battle situations

Other Systems

-Sword flight -Free jumping -Scene skills -Gathering system -Bounce back system

Hidden Sword Legend Editorial Review

The game is still very enjoyable to play, I played the end game of this game in the early stage, but the hand game version can start anytime, anywhere, the game is much better than the end game, here is also very recommended that you continue to pay attention to this game.

This game is not yet online please look forward to!


  • The Legend of the Hidden Sword
  • The Legend of the Hidden Sword