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Captain America Hero Chinese Version

Captain America Hero Chinese Version

  • size: 99.85M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v2
  • type Action fighting
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-14 22:31:07


Captain America Hero Chinese version of this very fun simulation 3D play hero game, this game allows you to explore the open world, become a hero to save the world, this game also supports Chinese let you experience the full story plot Oh.


Captain America Heroes Introduction

Play as a very powerful Captain America hero to fight.

You have a lot of skills, and of course you can use a variety of weapons.

The open world is waiting for you to play together to experience this hero playing game it.

Captain America Hero gameplay features

In this spider rope hero game, you must complete many different tasks.

In this super captain, you have to drive different kinds of vehicles like bikes, cars and other trucks.

As the hero captain, you have to be ready to attack a variety of enemies whose goal is to destroy the public.

So, you are ready to destroy all the horrible enemies and all other evil forces who have a secret mission to overcome this world and want to use it to rule the people of these fighting games.


Captain America Heroes Gameplay Tips

As Miami Rope Hero, you have to perform a secret mission and start killing and shooting those who are dangerous for the public in this amazing rope police.

In these flying rope hero games, many robots are trying to destroy you in this superhero fighting game.

Use futuristic weapons to kill all their robots.

When the fight starts, be careful of the common people and try to protect them and become the best in the superhero fighting game.

This is a real city game where you have to be careful with yourself and you have to use shield to protect yourself as one of the best flying rope hero games.

In play Miami rope hero. Shield is the best weapon that you can use and eliminate all the horrible enemies without any collective damage in this superhero fighting game and captain hero.

Captain America Hero player reviews

Captain America Hero this simulation game to play as a hero, let's play a city hero in a 3D open world, defend the peace of the city to complete a variety of difficult tasks.


  • Captain America Hero Chinese Version
  • Captain America Hero Chinese Version
  • Captain America Hero Chinese Version