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  • size: 66.1 MB
  • platform: Win7/Win8/Win10
  • Version: 2.4.10
  • type: Social software
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-04-02 06:21:05

brief introduction

Anxintong is a safe and efficient instant chat tool. All chats in Anxintong are encrypted in the cloud, bringing you a safe chat experience. Anxintong also fully supports localized self-controllable software and hardware platforms, Feiteng CPU, and Kirin and other operating systems, providing a powerful instant messaging application for domestic self-controllable office platforms.

Software introduction

Anxintong is a secure communication tool developed and developed by Hangzhou Ansiyuan Technology Co., Ltd. The software page of Anxintong is very simple, the function is very powerful, and it also has military-level information security. Anxintong provides a Safe and efficient team communication platform.

Software Features

Burn after reading: Anxintong's information can be burned immediately after reading, and important information can be read only without recording, leaving no trace.
Encryption security: Anxintong supports real-time encryption of text, voice, pictures, videos and other data.

Message receipt: Individual and group messages support real-time receipts, and you can see what has been read or unread at a glance.

Message reply: Anxintong can automatically intercept part of the original message and present it in the reply message, which is convenient for everyone to interact in group chat.
Remote destruction, Anxintong can remotely destroy all the information sent, and destroy it for an unlimited time.

Screenshot notification, screencast real-time notification, prevent screen capture team information from leaking 


Anxintong's information security encryption function is very powerful, bringing you a very safe chat experience. Everyone who needs it is welcome to download and use it.


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