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Android app report virus cannot be installed

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Android app report virus cannot be installed

Recently, many Android phones have been unable to install software, and these applications are some well-known large-scale games or apps. In fact, this situation is not difficult to understand:
Android app report virus cannot be installed
Because most of the software on the Android side is developed based on the linx kernel. Programs running under linx will have a "permission" problem. And because the android system has relatively loose control of permissions (or even no), it has led to the emergence of various malicious programs, and these malicious programs will steal the user's personal privacy, property, etc. by modifying the user's mobile phone information. data! There are many reasons for this situation:

1. After the Android phone is rooted, the root privilege is abused;

2. There is a virus, Trojan or rogue behavior in the mobile phone;

3. The user accidentally downloads pirated software or a copycat version;

4. The application cannot be installed normally due to the low system configuration;

5. There is a problem with the installed application itself, etc...

Therefore, in order to avoid the above problems, we need to solve these problems from the following aspects:

1. First of all, we must ensure the security and stability of our mobile phones. If your mobile phone often has problems, it is recommended to go to the repair shop for flashing or reinstalling the system!

2. Always pay attention to whether your personal information has been leaked or stolen when using your mobile phone! (For example, don’t take photos and record videos in public!)

3. If you find that your mobile phone has been poisoned, you must uninstall the software in time and reinstall a new anti-virus software to check the source of the virus!

4. For those pirated software and copycat software, don't try to download and use it~

5. For those applications that require root privileges to use, please back up your address book, SMS and other important data before installing!

6. Do not delete the software downloaded from regular channels to avoid unnecessary losses~

7. Finally, for those apps that report drugs that cannot be installed normally, we must deal with them in time to avoid greater losses~~ Okay, let’s go here today~~ I hope my sharing can help you! !

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