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What should I do if the Android phone installation package reports a virus?

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What should I do if the Android phone installation package reports a virus?

Abstract: This article mainly introduces how the installation package is poisoned by virus intrusion under the Android system.

First, what is "Android system" Android is an open source operating system based on the lin x kernel, its predecessor is meego (Macintosh). In August 2007, it was renamed android after being acquired by google. The latest version is android
Android phone installation package
4.0 lollipop (Oreo), the latest version number is 4.1.1, which can be upgraded to 4.1!

Second, the characteristics of the Android system

1. Open source;

2. Openness;

3. Free;

4. The theme can be changed freely.

3. The source of the installation package

There are three main types of Android systems currently on the market:

1. The android ndk development tools officially released by Google;

2. Third-party rom making software;

3. Third-party apk files downloaded from the Internet.

4. Common types of viruses

1. The transmission of this type of virus is mainly through the shared folders of some forums. After infection, a file named "s per ser.explorer.exe" will be generated in the system and named rootexplorer.exe document. This file will reside in the background process. Once the user opens this program, it will directly turn the user's mobile phone into a rooted machine, and then can view and operate any information on the mobile phone. (e.g. modifying system files)

2. Trojan Horses This kind of virus generally disguises as the icons of various games or application software to trick users into downloading and running, and then secretly steals users' personal information and private data in the background.

3. Deductions The spread of this type of virus is generally through mass sending of short messages or by exploiting some website loopholes to conduct malicious deduction attacks.

4. Rogue advertising pop-ups After this type of virus infection, some advertising windows or unknown links will automatically pop up to interfere with our experience.

5. What is "Brush Genie"? Flashing Wizard is a powerful flashing tool software. The functions of "Flashing Session", "One-click Flashing", "Backup and Restoration" are all its characteristic function modules, and "Flashing Session" is one of its highlights. , "One-click flashing", "backup and restore" are its other two major service items!

6. What is the use of "refreshing session" (i.e. one-key repair)? It can solve all the problems in your phone and give you a brand new phone king! For example, if you have some rogue software in your phone, you can use this method to solve it.

Seven, "one key recovery" (that is, restore the factory settings!) Needless to say this! !