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What should I do if the Android app is reported to be poisoned?

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What should I do if the Android app is reported to be poisoned?

What should I do if an Android app is reported to be poisoned? In the Android mobile phone application market, many software are easy to be killed by mistake, such as:
Android app
Some applications with high download volume and high frequency of use. Once killed by mistake, the user cannot open the software normally. Today we will talk about how to avoid malicious reporting and deletion of Android apps!

1. First of all, let's understand what is malicious reporting? Malicious reporting refers to the act of obtaining software permissions or modifying software configuration information through technical means, and then reporting it.

2. So why are these apps mistakenly killed? First of all, because under the Android system, each app has an independent operating environment (ie android stdk), and the apps developed by each developer are optimized for this environment developed by themselves;

The second is that due to some reasons, a certain function or data does not meet the standard and is detected and processed;

In the end, the problem of application removal is caused by the fact that some developers do not hesitate to use software from informal channels for promotion and sales in pursuit of higher profits!

3. How to solve these problems? We can solve it in the following three ways: (1) For applications that have been listed, they can be re-listed on the official platform for review.

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