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Four key success factors for the new energy commercial vehicle market

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In the new energy era, both OEMs and value chain companies need to pay more attention to decarbonization strategy, solution provision, technology leadership building and brand first in order to win the market.

Develop decarbonization strategy

First of all, enterprises need to elevate their new energy strategies to the height of decarbonization and carbon reduction, combine their carbon reduction goals and plans, propose decarbonization strategies, and form a greater influence on the policy side, industry side and user side. Secondly, they need to comprehensively examine the carbon footprint of research, production, supply, sales and service, and put forward future carbon neutral targets in combination with their own situation, and decompose them into new energy transformation targets. Meanwhile, consideration should be given to combining decarbonization strategy with ESG strategy to further strengthen corporate social responsibility and enhance corporate ESG status.

Provide solutions

Enterprises need to provide users with full life-cycle solutions, from the three electric power, vehicle, leasing, finance, energy replenishment, battery bank, service spare parts, used cars and other areas, to provide the overall solutions required by users, reduce the threshold of car purchase and use, and increase user stickiness. In the future, there are also specific subdivision scenarios to customize services and provide intelligent overall solutions.

Case Study: Solution Integrator

Leading solution integrator Guodian has expanded its upstream and downstream business horizontally and vertically through the definition of power exchange standards, production link intervention, asset management and recycling, etc., to realize the whole life cycle closed-loop construction. In the upstream power exchange assembly and power exchange components, NIT, through Ronghe Dianke and Jiu Xing Energy Technology, has realized the output of the industry power exchange technology standard and the control of key components such as power exchange connector and battery pack production in the form of "self-built + cooperation". In the downstream asset management and disposal process, Qiyuan Core Power and Ronghe Dianke have been able to improve the asset operation capability by opening up the asset holding, leasing and battery dismantling ladder utilization.

Integrated solution building case

One step ahead of technology

With the continuous improvement of green energy technologies such as new energy triboelectricity and fuel cells, OEMs need to fully draw on mature cross-border technologies such as passenger cars and buses to accelerate energy efficiency improvement. At the same time, increase the research and development of humanized configuration and supporting, to provide a new generation of products that are more intelligent and comfortable in the next generation of new energy scenarios. In addition, it is also necessary to create digital products that combine self-driving and intelligent network connection technologies to realize the comprehensive digitalization of people, vehicles and goods.

Case Study: New Commercial Vehicle Technology Layout

The new power of commercial vehicles is actively building forward-looking technologies. Such as the layout of the three electric, intelligent and intelligent driving, different new energy technology routes. Create innovative, luxury and cutting-edge leading medium and heavy-duty truck products with technical support.

Technical support system: firstly, Geely Remote realizes two major drive technology routes, the urban commercial vehicle technology route with the power system of pure electric drive and extended electric drive as the core, and the highway commercial vehicle technology route with liquid hydrogen energy methanol power and pure electric drive using power exchange technology as the core; secondly, Geely Remote combines three major cores, covering the synergistic sharing of the passenger car segment within the group and Hanma Technology including motor, Electric drive, electric control, including the entire power system of profound technical reserves, drive efficiency industry-leading, self-research main focus on high energy density battery and medium and long-distance power exchange applications, to further enhance the range of the foundation; In addition, in the intelligent intelligent driving, Geely through self-research + third-party cooperation to build a two-wheel drive model, to build the entire vehicle central domain control electronic architecture, high-level perceptible, evolvable autonomous driving technology and multi-dimensional The intelligent AI interaction technology, build automation, intelligent competitiveness, with self-built intelligent vehicle networking technology, to achieve "people, vehicles, goods, stations, electricity" one-stop connection.

Product selling points: Geely has created the product selling points of green energy, comfortable life and digital heavy truck, highlighting zero emission and high drive, combining with new energy power (pure electricity, hydrogen energy, etc.) to achieve decarbonization and carbon reduction, green and environmental protection, and using motor bridge technology to reduce the energy consumption of the transmission system and improve the drive efficiency. At the same time, Geely has created a cab with built-in bathing space and a large size bed to meet the resting needs of truck drivers for long-distance driving. The whole vehicle is equipped with diversified functions such as the dome roof with open view, active noise reduction cab, external kitchen, washing and drying machine, etc., to comprehensively improve the driver's driving comfort, and adopts intelligent electronic architecture design to lay the foundation of intelligent driving control functions that realize the digital empowerment of the whole vehicle. Rich intelligent network cockpit application realizes real-time uploading of in-vehicle data to improve vehicle operation supervision efficiency, and the cargo box adds digital functions to provide real-time cargo tracking information.

Leading New Energy New Force Technical Support Case

Geely has helped create a distinctive and leading medium and heavy truck product through the synergistic development of the three elements of the technical support system, and further technical application innovation is expected to continue to promote product competitiveness in the future.

Brand first to lead

For the development of new energy business, OEMs need to strengthen the brand leading awareness, form a new culture and new weather internally, and form a new positioning and new image externally to support the new energy business to take off, including.

1) Designing and releasing a complete brand structure and value system in advance to form a market voice and seize the minds of users.

2) Systematically releasing a forward-looking new energy brand in combination with future layout of R&D, products, production supply chain and ecology, highlighting new energy strength.

Case study: new energy strategy and brand vision goals

Leading OEMs have released new energy strategies and brands, showing new energy strength by putting forward new energy visions, research, production, supply, sales and service system goals. In addition, it is equally important to extend the differentiation connotation to build, check the internal resource capacity and future layout planning.

New energy strategy release case

Strategic objectives and vision, product layout and core technologies are the common and core elements of current new energy/carbon neutral strategies, which need to be clarified and publicized.

Based on their internal resource capabilities and future layout plans, companies can selectively release other elements to enrich their strategies, and it is recommended that green factories and comprehensive ecological cooperation be used as differentiated highlights.

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