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Why play social software? the benefits of social software in the Internet era!

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With the continuous development of the Internet era, all kinds of social software has emerged, social software can be communicated through text, voice, pictures, video and other forms. Why do so many people now like to play social software? What are the benefits of social software in the Internet era? Here to discuss with you to explore it!

Why play social software?

1, the pace of development of the real world is relatively fast-paced, people's inner repression also began to slowly explode out, and in reality there is no place to vent, so often in WeChat, QQ, Lan Lan, Jitterbug and other social software to see people venting a variety of emotions, especially some of the more negative information more able to get people's attention.

2, want to get more people's attention, used to meet their own vanity.

3, looking for some more exciting friends

4, looking for a sense of psychological balance, that is, my bad, there must be worse than me

5, social software is easier to become a netizen

6, social software is more convenient to contact, somehow enhance the connection between people, even if they are two places apart, you can see each other, as long as there is a network, no matter how long to talk, and do not have to worry about wasting phone bills.

7, easier to open their social circles, enriching the way people entertain themselves.

Here to talk about the benefits of social software to us

1, can give users a place to vent their emotions, so you can vent

2, can make some friends, for example, WeChat, QQ can help you make friends in China, Facebook can help you make friends around the world

3, can record the wonderful moments in your life, so that you have good memories

4, save your phone bill, the Internet era, cell phone traffic is cheap, wifi everywhere

5、Reduces the cost of communication

But social software is also a disadvantage, the following to briefly explain to you

1、Unclearly know people

2, weaken the actual interaction ability and communication ability

3、Many false fraudulent information, false information is very easy to spread

4, the network language text violence incident after incident