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Difference between Hongmeng OS Android

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Difference between Hongmeng OS Android

Since the launch of Huawei's Hongmeng system, there has been a debate about Hongmeng system, Android system and IOS system. Many small partners have been confused by various comments and tests on the Internet. Here Yun and Xiaobian consulted. Thank you Yun And the lecturer in the front and back end of the data gave an answer.

HarmonyOS is a new generation of smart terminal operating system, not a simple mobile phone operating system, but a general term for mobile phones + smart devices. It can be installed on many devices including mobile phones, watches, drones, etc. It provides a unified language for the intelligence, interconnection and collaboration of different devices. Bring a simple, smooth, continuous, safe and reliable full-scene interactive experience.

Features of Hongmeng:
Hongmeng OS

Unified OS, flexible deployment

A set of operating systems to meet the needs of all devices, large and small, ranging from earphones to car phones, smart screens, mobile phones, etc., allowing different devices to communicate seamlessly in the same language.

Hardware mutual assistance, resource sharing

Each device equipped with HarmonyOS is not isolated. At the system layer, multiple terminals are integrated into one, becoming a "super terminal", and the capabilities of the terminals can be shared with each other, bringing a seamless collaborative experience.

One development, multiple deployments

Based on the distributed application framework, developers can write logic code once and deploy it on a variety of terminals.

Application free cross-end

HarmonyOS atomic service is a new species of lightweight service. It provides a new service and interaction method, which can be divided and combined, can be transferred, and supports features such as installation-free. It can simplify the application and make the service at your fingertips.

Activate your device intelligence with "simple"

HarmonyOS is a new generation of smart terminal operating system. It provides a unified language for the intelligence, interconnection and collaboration of different devices. The device can realize one-click access to the network, no screen to have a screen, operation visualization, one-click direct access to the original factory service and other new functions. Through simple and intelligent services, realize the industrial upgrading of equipment intelligentization.

Comparison of Hongmeng and Android:
Kernel side comparison

The Android system is based on the linux-based macro kernel design. The macro kernel contains most of the functions and modules of the operating system, and these functions and modules have the highest authority. As long as one module fails, the entire system will collapse. This is also the Android system. Easy to crash cause. The benefit is the system

low development difficulty

Hongmeng OS is a micro-kernel design: the micro-kernel only includes the necessary functional modules of the operating system (task management, memory allocation, etc.) at the core and has the highest authority, other modules do not have the highest authority, which means that other modules have problems. There is no obstacle to the operation of the entire system. The microkernel is very stable.

And the Hongmeng system contains two kernels, if it is a mobile app, it is based on the Linux kernel, and if it is other hardware, it is based on the LiteOS kernel.

speed comparison

Android programs cannot communicate directly with the bottom layer of the system, and run on virtual machines. If there is a problem with the virtual machine, the system is stuck.

The Ark compiler in the Hongmeng system solves this problem. Any software compiled by the compiler runs directly in the operating system and can communicate directly with the bottom layer of the system.

As a comparison of mobile operating systems

Both Android and Hongmeng are developed based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The Android open source platform is free to use and modify under an open source license. Many mobile phone manufacturers at home and abroad have developed their own operating systems based on this code, such as: Samsung, Xiaomi, Meizu, etc. Huawei also developed the Hongmeng operating system based on this open source system.

The composition of Hongmeng OS:

HarmonyOS = Open Source Code of Android Open Platform - GMS - Android UI + HMS + Harmony UI + Distributed Soft Bus + Application Development Framework with Ability as the Core.

Comparison of connecting other devices

Connecting an Android phone to other devices is very troublesome in terms of app development and usage, and if you change to a third-party device, you need to repeat the process of discovery, pairing, connection, combination, and verification. But Hongmeng is very simple. From the aspect of app development, it is possible to call third-party hardware with only a small amount of code. From the perspective of use, no matter how many devices are connected, the ultimate goal of Hongmeng is to be able to use one as simple as a device.

Will Hongmeng replace Android?

If some students have such an idea, then the pattern is too small. For the IT industry, generally speaking, it is difficult to shake his position with head power or something that has already formed an ecology. The emergence of Hongmeng is not to replace Android, but to focus on the next era, which is the 5G era.

In the 5G era, the most important thing is the era of the Internet of Everything. Huawei wants to dominate in the 5G era. If you have other questions, please go to the cloud and data official website and we will answer you in detail.