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Android system free for Chinese to use?

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Android system free for Chinese to use?

The Android system was originally developed on the source code of Linux, and Linux is free and open. So many people say that Google should make Android free, but is it really true?
Android system
The development of Android is inseparable from China's supermarkets. Although Google does not directly charge fees from Chinese users, Google indirectly increases the number of active users of the Android system through Chinese users, thereby increasing Google's market share and increasing investment. The confidence of investors in Google has also made Google's stock rise step by step in recent years, and shareholders have made a lot of money. Isn't this what Google gets from China?

In fact, at first, Google wanted to fatten the Chinese market before killing it. However, when Google watched the market become bigger and wanted to start bloodletting, it found that the Chinese market did not eat this set, because several domestic manufacturers were right Android is wary. Once charged, domestic manufacturers will launch Hongmeng OS compatible with Android APP and Alibaba's YUNOS.

Although they have such imperfections, as long as they are compatible with Android applications, it will not take long for several major manufacturers to optimize the domestic system to a position close to that of Android, which will make Google fly eggs, so Google can only charge a moderate amount It's just advertising fees, but I can't eat the cake while watching the cake. As strong as Microsoft, isn't it impossible to get most of the free users in China?

I don’t think our domestic users need to worry too much. Once Google charges or refuses the use of Chinese manufacturers, the only thing that will be lost is Google itself. And Chinese manufacturers will update the bottom layer of the system, so that ordinary users can use the domestic system with the same interface as now, just like the Meizu mobile phone was seamlessly updated from YUNos to Android.


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