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Razer Android Theme Store to close this month

time:2022-08-13 19:07:01 source:www.dl25.com browse:367

Razer Android Theme Store to close this month

On August 12, according to dl25, Razer announced that the Android theme store built into the Razer Phone series will be closed on August 24, 2022. After closing, the Razer Phone only retains the currently used theme and cannot be downloaded and replaced, which means the end of the Razer Phone.
According to the data, Razer started with computer peripheral products and has launched a number of products with a very e-sports style. Because there are many RGB colorful light strips on the products, they have won the nickname of "light factory" among users.

In 2017, Razer acquired Nextbit, an American mobile phone manufacturer, and launched two generations of Razer Phone phones in the following two years, focusing on e-sports.

However, the sales of Razer Phone do not seem to be as dazzling as the performance of mobile phones. In the first half of Razer's 2018 financial report, the sales of the first-generation Razer Phone were only tens of thousands, and the tens of millions of registered users of Razer were not effectively converted. into a mobile phone user.

Although sales figures for the Razer Phone 2 have not been disclosed, judging from market feedback, it is not much better.

In fact, not only Razer, but many well-known mobile phone brands such as LG, Nuts, and Blackberry have withdrawn from this market, and there are fewer and fewer mobile phone players.

Wu Dezhou, a former executive of Hammer Technology, pointed out that the current competition in the mobile phone industry has evolved into the competition of supply chains and brands, and there is no advantage for small brand manufacturers.