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August Chinese handicraft publishers global revenue ranking: Tencent, NetEase, Miha Tour top three

time:2022-09-09 18:40:05 source: browse:134

IT House September 9, Sensor Tower data shows that in August 2022, a total of 40 Chinese manufacturers were listed in the Top 100 global mobile game publishers revenue list, with a total of more than $2 billion (about 13.9 billion yuan), accounting for 38.1% of the global Top 100 mobile game publishers revenue.

It should be noted that this data only counts the revenue of publishers, and does not include the third-party Android channels in China, and is the global App Store and Google Play revenue ranking.

IT House learned that the top 15 publishers on the list are: Tencent, Netease, MihaYu, Sanjihuyu, Fun Plus, Lilith, Lingxiang Huyu, IM30, Yuxing Network, Shellwood Games, Youta Games, Jiang Entertainment Interactive, lGG, Le Element, and Thunder Games.

The report noted that Tencent Games' mobile revenue grew 2% YoY in August, driven by Phantom Tower; Perfect World's mobile revenue grew 34%, advancing eight spots to 18th place. NetEase's Diablo: Immortal, which launched in China on July 25, posted strong revenue growth of 234% in August.

In China App Store handheld revenue, Glory of Kings, Peace Elite, Diablo: Immortal, Original Gods, Fantasy West, Three Kingdoms・Strategy Edition, Crossfire, League of Legends Handheld, League of Legends Gaming Manager, and Battle of the Golden Shovel ranked in the top 10.