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Cell phone giant "satellite", real innovation or no innovation?

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The satellite communication launched by Huawei and Apple two major cell phone manufacturers at the same time, what kind of new features, cell phone satellite communication era is here?

Satellite communication, simply put, is to let the cell phone connect to the satellite, the satellite will relay the signal to the ground base station, and then get in touch with other cell phones or emergency service centers covered by ground communication.

Kong Dejian, a researcher at the Aviation and Space Law Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, told Economic Observer that satellite communication has been used as a supplement to terrestrial communication in remote and niche scenarios such as first aid, ocean shipping, and polar expeditions.

This time Apple and Huawei two global mainstream cell phone manufacturers at the same time on the flagship phone launched satellite communication function. According to the September 6 Huawei new conference information, the new Mate50 series provides mobile terminal hardware for BeiDou satellite messages, supporting BeiDou satellite message function. September 8 Apple fall conference information, the entire iPhone 14 series can be connected to the satellite for emergency SOS, the user can communicate when there is no signal, after connection, the phone will automatically send the user's answer, location, medical ID ( if already set) and battery level to professionals.

Guo Ming, an analyst at Tianfeng International Securities, said on Aug. 29 that Apple completed the hardware development for satellite communication in iPhone 13. He believes that with the increasing frequency of natural disasters and geopolitical conflicts, emergency SMS and voice services in satellite communications may become a necessary feature of smartphones.

In the opinion of Sun Yanbiao, chairman of Tide Electric Intelligence, satellite communication is not a mainstream function for cell phones, it is characterized by high-end, niche, catering to the needs of hobby wilderness survival, hobby adventure, high-end young groups, two companies released at the same time, may have a driving effect on the flagship of other domestic brands, but it is difficult to spread to more low- and mid-range cell phones.

From the information provided by Huawei and Apple launch, the difference between the two satellite communications is that Huawei is a one-way communication, the user can only send information, not receive, the receiver can receive information from the distress party, but can not reply a message to the past. Apple is a two-way communication, if the receiver receives the information of the distress party, can also reply a message to the distress party.

According to the Huawei launch information, the Beidou satellite messages supported by the phone can make up for the dead space of traditional communication. According to the product description of the Mate50 phone, users need to use it in an open and unobstructed area. Before first use, it needs to be activated in an environment with a ground network through the Smooth Link App, a feature limited to mainland China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).

According to Kong, China's Beidou system has been serving government enterprises and national projects, and the technology is relatively mature. However, the main function of the Beidou system is navigation, and communication is only an auxiliary function extended by it.