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Notion - notes, docs, tasks

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Notion Notes is a powerful note-taking software, in the spirit of all in one, where there are comprehensive note-taking features. It supports the creation of to-do lists, automatic interception of content in the browser via plug-ins, and multi-platform synchronization, allowing you to seamlessly switch between mobile and computer. It also supports support for forms, kanban, calendars, documents, and many other features, making it a great choice for either building a knowledge base or as a notepad.

Software Features

1、Increase the efficiency of users who can't program with Notion's convenient collaboration and sharing features.

2、Make CRM, mailing list.

3、Collect notes, easy to manage at any time.

4、Manage servers, SSL expiration, item discount reminders, etc.

Software Features

Drag and drop, editing

Use drag and drop and force touch to arrange any content. Great priority lists and to-do lists.

Rich Media

Supports images, to-do lists, bookmarks, snippets, and 20+ block types.


Download companion browsers and desktop applications. Ideas to keep everything in sync.


You browse the web for downloads accessible on the go. Collaborate, REAL-TIME Share your web pages and edit them together at the same time, @mention and annotation.
FOLDERLESS Organization Organize content using nested pages. Say goodbye to cluttered folders.

How it works

Notion Android version is not Chinese, so many users have a little difficulty using it, the following brings you a detailed tutorial on how to use it.
1, first we open the software, where the login interface appears, support Google account, Apple account login and mailbox login, to register email account need to click the small print below: continue with email.

2、After registering and logging in, we come to the main page, where there are qucik note, task list, journal and other functions by default.

3、task list is the task list, where we can set todo and doing things to help you work and study more organized.

4、qucik note is a convenient notepad, here you can quickly record some to-do items and so on, you can check the box after completion.

5、reading list can be used as reading notes, where you can write your book learning experience and so on, in short, there are many functions, you can explore yourself.

How to undo the operation

In the process of using Notion, if we accidentally delete a page or make changes to a large section of content, how to undo the operation?

1. First of all, we open the page where we want to undo the operation, and click More Functions in the upper right corner here.

2, then select page history in the ACtions page.

3, here you can see the history of this page edited data, click on it to quickly restore it.

How to share to others

Notion can not only be used as notes by yourself, but you can also share your notes to others, which is perfect for teamwork at work.

1. First, we open the page we want to share and click the share icon in the upper right corner.

2、Then select the Share page link feature here.

3, you can pop up the app page you want to share, for example, choose WeChat, nail and other software to quickly share the past.

4、You can also choose Share to web, then a web address will be generated, and users who click on the address can view the content of the notes. You can also set the permission of visitors.

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