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Maxthon Cloud Browser has built-in Sina Weibo

time:2022-09-01 19:41:00 source: browse:91

  Through Weibo, users can check the latest news of their friends and information. How do people like to log in to Weibo (here is an example of Sina Weibo)? Some people log in through the mobile app, while others log in directly from the web. Is it possible to use a PC browser to browse the web while keeping up with the latest news on Weibo? Maxthon Cloud Browser allows you to do just that.

    When you open Maxthon Cloud Browser, you will find the Sina Weibo icon on the left side of the shortcut tab, which is the login port for Sina Weibo. Through this port, Maxthon Cloud Browser is closely integrated with Sina Weibo and provides real-time feedback to users who are surfing with the browser.

    Note: After Maxthon Cloud Browser is installed, by default, Sina Weibo automatically appears in the shortcut button position, if Sina Weibo is not found in this position. If you do not find Sina Weibo in this location, you can go to Maxthon's Plugin Management Center to search for the relevant plugins and install them.

    Once you have successfully logged in to your Weibo account, you will receive updates from the Weibo tab in Maxthon Cloud Browser.

    Click on the Weibo shortcut button to bring up the user's Weibo information screen under the Sina Weibo interface. After comparing it with Sina Weibo's desktop client interface, we see that there is not much difference between Maxthon Cloud Browser's integrated Sina Weibo control panel and Sina Weibo's PC desktop version. The integrated microblogging interface is already very functional. It is very easy for the average user to use. I believe that Maxthon Cloud Browser's plug-in feature for Sina Weibo is a popular feature among users.